Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

A well-designed kitchen is the beating heart of every house, and its efficiency may make or break your daily life there. If you're thinking of giving your kitchen a facelift, you undoubtedly already have a wish list of features and improvements in mind. Nevertheless, kitchen renovations in Melbourne are quite complicated and cover a broad number of professions and disciplines, so it's likely that there are many facets of your kitchen remodel that you haven't thought about yet.

Because of the high level of difficulty involved, most homeowners would rather hire a professional to handle their kitchen remodel. Think about these things that no one tells you about kitchen renovations before you spend that kind of money (or even if you're doing it yourself to save a ton of cash).

  1. Expensive

    The total cost of your remodel may increase significantly if you decide to make certain changes. You should receive a price for the whole cost of the job before hiring a contractor, but that may not protect you against hidden fees.

    An increase in the price of building materials is a major contributor to the rising cost of house renovations in Australia. It's important to know the contractor's plan for dealing with cost overruns and what happens if they occur midway through the project if you're planning to hire them. You may avoid unpleasant surprises throughout the renovation process by discussing these potential issues with your contractor in advance.

  2. Functionality over beauty

    While a stunningly designed luxury kitchen in Melbourne is certainly something to see, it is also true that your kitchen is the heart of your house and should serve as a hub of activity on a daily basis. You won't be able to take full use of your kitchen's visual attractiveness if you spend all of your time there worrying about staining the white cabinets and marbling the marble countertops. It's important to strike a balance between form and function in the kitchen, especially in high-traffic areas like the counters, sink, and appliances.

  3. Budget-friendly options are available

    IKEA kitchen cabinets are widely regarded as a quality solution for a budget-friendly price. However, the most popular designs are now ubiquitous and can be seen in almost every dwelling. Companies make cabinet doors that suit IKEA cabinet boxes, so you can have an IKEA kitchen even if you don't want a standard look. You may get a personalised look without the exorbitant expense of fully custom cabinets by using IKEA cabinet units with custom cabinet doors.

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  4. Trendy upgrades are overrated

    Although certain interior design trends, such as white cabinets, are destined to become timeless, we find that other trends are overstated because of their fleeting popularity. An over-the-stove pot filler is a great illustration of a fad that is both pricey and unnecessary.

    While this is a convenient idea in theory, installing new pipes under your stove may be expensive, and such a radical aesthetic change can quickly make your kitchen seem dated if the trend ever dies out. A quartz or quartz kitchen sink is another example of an overused fad. Though they have a modern appearance, these sinks are a pain to keep clean.

  5. Live at least a year before renovating

    You may be eager to get started on your kitchen remodel as soon as you close on your new home, but hold off until you get settled in. Instead, commit to spending at least a year in the kitchen. Spending some time in the kitchen on a regular basis can help you establish a pattern and learn how you interact with the space, the flow of your daily activities, and the ways in which you may optimise its functionality.

  6. Prepare a temporary kitchen

    To conclude, let's say you've decided to do a DIY kitchen renovation. If this is the case, you're likely putting in extra hours on nights and weekends, which will push back your target finish date by many weeks, if not months.

    For the next few months, you'll be without a kitchen, so it's important to plan ahead and put up a makeshift one. Invest in a hot plate and a small microwave to prepare simple meals, and get some shelves to keep your dry products. Having the option to prepare meals at home can save costs and inconveniences.

The Bottom Line

Any kitchen renovations in Melbourne, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, will need a lot of time and effort. You may expect to be swamped with kitchen remodeling ideas and recommendations after you tell your loved ones about your plans to remodel. And yet, there is a great deal that nobody will ever reveal to you. You may avoid some of the bumps in the path to a beautiful, practical kitchen that you'll enjoy for years to come by using the checklist we've provided above.